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Development of virtual simulators for pilots and enthusiasts who appreciate realism and detail, by a pilot with over 20,000 hours on Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

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A380 IFR / FMS Simulator

Are you a pilot returning to flying after an extended period as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic ?
Reacquainting yourself with cockpit systems and procedures prior to formal retraining will be invaluable. This IFR/FMS simulator accurately represents all system and FMC functions required during the preflight phase so you are practiced and proficient before moving to the in flight phase in a real simulator.
The need for pilots for the carriers to rebuild their routes is now high, and training courses will be short to accommodate this training demand. Any additional practice using this freeplay tool, rather than just a manual will be money well spent.
The developer is working on the next version to include takeoff, departure and ILS/GLS/VOR approaches including LOWVIS autoland procedures (batch 6 compliant), to be released later at increased cost.

Under Development

A330 IFR / FMS Simulator

Military IFR / FMS Simulator

Cabin Management Simulator

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