product description

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product description

Fully function EFIS control panel allows selection of all navigation modes.

Waypoint constraints, VOR, NDB and Airport symbols are displayed on the Navigation Display with navigation data supplied by your personal subscription to Navigraph.

Weather, Terrain and Traffic are not operational.

Fully detailed Primary Flight Display — Program not yet flight enabled.




Popup windows show the fully interactive Overhead Panel, Centre Pedestal and Systems Display.  These windows are moveable across the screen or to other screens for enhanced usability.

Selections made on the Overhead Panel are reflected in the various system pages shown on the System Display and on the ECAM Memo display.

Manual and AUTO engine starts are animated on the System Display together with electrical and hydraulic system reconfiguration.  All SD pages are available.

3-D effect flight controls are moveable using mouse, or external joystick with throttle controls can be used.   No asymmetric conditions are supported, all thrust levers move together.

An enlarged mode is available for the FMS giving enhanced readability especialy for small screens or tablets.

EFIS enlarged mode is also available for small screens or tablets, which can be  toggled with the FMS enlarged mode to display the output of FMS entries.

All displays are independent windows which can be undocked, resized and relocated individually with the the main screen and to other screens as desired for optimal layout giving total flexibility for the user.   Using the SAVE SCRNs button will save the screen layout for future use.

Basic fully interactive checklists are available including autosensing of system status.

Limited Abnormal Procedures are also included for basic ECAM management.

Fully functional FMS with all pages, except ATCCOM and FCU Backup.

  • All Flight Plan vertical and lateral revisions applicable to the preflight phase.
  • Full SID and STAR procedures (with Navigraph subscription).
  • Active, Temporary and 3 Secondary flight plans.
  • Basic performance data allowing time, altitude, speed and fuel flight plan predictions.
  • Waypoint, navaid, airways, holding and airport data (with Navigraph subscription).
  • Company flight plans and wind data loading via customised text files.
  • Manual flight plan building.

Fully functional NSS Avionics & Refuel module:

Variety of example messages for ATC clearance, load sheet, DG manifest.

Live download of TAF and TTF requests (with internet connection).